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Gender Health Center

About Us


We work to end systematic oppression and pathologization of Transgender people and racism while centering the wellness of Queer and Transgender People of Color (QTPOC). We acknowledge that we function and have only functioned within oppressive systems. We will interrogate these systems in order to build a community centered ideology to provide prosperity in every way for our community members.

Approach to Programming

We are a “one-stop-shop” for most trans-related needs. We provide mental health counseling, healthcare navigation, advocacy, and healthcare services. Our approach to programming is informed by critical race and queer theory, trauma, and social justice. GHC offers individual, group, relationship, and family therapy using a queer-informed narrative therapy approach. This model distinguishes people from problem identities, and engages them indialogue about forgotten and preferred stories. Our approach emphasizes the need for culturally competent providers; it is necessary to receive affirmative care in order for transgender people to experience less mental health distress.

Who We Are

We are a small team of Black, Brown, young, first-generation, transgender, queer people. In-depth biographies can be found on our website.


Contact Us

principal contact person

Ryan Kim Tiêu


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